Another huge win on Infinity Dice


Infinity Dice

Infinity Dice is back once more with our biggest single-session win in all of our segments in recent times! We’re willing to bet that it’s far from the first time that you’ve heard from Infinity Dice in the context of a huge win.

In fact, it’s entirely possible that you yourself have been the winner of such a marvellous feat before! If you’re new to our dice game offer, let us tell you all you need to understand the game and its wonderful chances at delivering you an epic payday.

Infinity Dice

As a strategic dice game, Infinity Dice does so much more than simply allow you to follow your own strategy about where to place your given dice columns. It’s bonus round, triggered by horizontally or diagonally aligning identical bonus symbols. As Infinity Dice can be a generous game, you could get to the bonus round sooner than you think! Here, the game harbours its biggest potential. Just spin the Infinity Wheel and you’re guaranteed a cash prize, a points prize, or up to 15 mystery games!

Mystery games

Mystery games deserve a special mention here, as they are the key to the biggest possible wins in several strategic dice games by Airdice. Mystery games owe their name to their special, mysterious powers. You play these mystery games as regular turns, but every time you win a turn, they will automatically pay out as if your winning combination was worth the maximum of points. In Infinity Dice, you can win up to 15 of these mystery games, and each of these can be worth up to €5,000.

Another huge win

They say lightning doesn’t strike twice, but that saying doesn’t suit what we see happening on Infinity Dice week after week and month after month. In the past, we have had several mind-blowing wins of thousands and thousands of euros, won by our players in a single session. Of course, our players had the mystery games to thank for their lucky breaks. Two days ago, Gizmo111 made no less than €21,500 when he quit his session on Infinty Dice. Congratulations on making our news section, Gizmo111!

Your chance to be next!

You could very well be the next huge winner thanks to Infinity Dice’s mystery games! If you haven’t tried this lucrative way to make money on our strategic dice game offer, this game is definitely worth your while. All you need to do for your chance is register, make your first deposit, and launch the game. It’s easy: you’ll be on your way to your win in no time. You can quickly get to work on your own strategy to increase your chances of winning a trip to the bonus round. Go chase those mystery games!

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