Arcade games in the spotlight: fly away with us!

12 May 2022

At Golden Palace, you know you’re always treated to the most diverse online casino gaming offer. Today, we’d like to put our “fly away”-themed arcade games in the spotlight, for your entertainment. We have the biggest offer of arcade games in Belgium, and our “fly away” theme is the most eye-catching, without a doubt. Let’s discover this innovation and try to win big!

Arcade games

Arcade games are casino games that take a different, often wildly innovative, approach. As such, they are nothing like the slot games that you’re used to. In fact, these arcade games have more in common with casual games. As they are not bound to a single rather rigid system (as is the case for slot games), arcade games can take on any form. If you can imagine it, there is a game of it, and that’s literally something you can bet on! You’ll find all of our arcade games in here.


Fly away with us

One very popular type of arcade game that we’re offering at is the “fly away” theme. The “fly away” concept is a simple one that can be visualized in many ways. In essence, you wager on a counter that increases, and your stake is constantly multiplied by the increasing counter. Think of it as an airplane taking off and gaining altitude, or a stock market share rising. It’s up to you to cash out when you’ve had enough wins, but watch out, though: wait too long and you’ll crash!



Spaceman is a “fly away”-themed arcade game by praised provider Pragmatic Play. In this “fly away” game, you follow the cosmic adventure of the titular Spaceman. Watch him take off to the stars! How long can he survive his upward flight before crashing back to his home planet? No one knows, but it’s up to you to guess. Your wager will be multiplied by the counter’s elevation at the time of cashout. The longer you wait, the bigger the reward, but the greater the risk, so watch out!


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