Awesome bet wins: when tens become thousands


The Champions League and the Europa League have returned, and national football competitions and cup tournaments are in full swing. It’s the perfect storm for football fanatics at to make some money with smart predictions on the hottest football events on the planet!

That’s just what happened to our avid sports bettor Witte84. Over the last few days, he’s been on a roll, taking calculated risks and winning enormous amounts in turn. Two of his recent bets stand out, as he managed to turn tens into thousands. Let’s find out how he did it and learn how it’s done!

€10 becomes €1,139.02

On the 6th of March, Witte84 decided to bet live on some high-profile football games in national leagues all over Europe. In a move that combined risk and reward in a stellar display of football knowledge, he correctly predicted the exact outcome of 5 games on the Italian Serie A, Spain’s La Liga, and the English Premier League, among others. Remarkably, he knew that Leicester would win 1-2 against Brighton – this alone was worth steep odds at @7.50. Amazingly, it came true, and so Witte84 turned his €10 stake into a €1,139.02 payday. That’s one skilfully executed live multi bet right there!

€10 becomes €1,311.80

A few days later, on March 9 just after midnight, Witte84 saw his chance to strike again. With games played that night in other time zones, there was still valuable action to be found. Witte84 didn’t miss out on the opportunity with a pre-match 8-fold multi bet. In this multi bet, he focused on the ‘Total: Over’ market, nailing all 8 games with average odds nearing @2.00. Combined, these predictions compounded his stake into a potential payout of over 131 times the modest stake of €10. With all games wrapping up exactly as predicted by Witte84, he took home another €1,311.80. Well done!

Now it’s your turn!

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