Be the VIP at RWDM – SK Beveren

7 October 2022

Our sponsored team for Brussels, RWDM, has a home game against SK Beveren on October 23. It’s going to be another fascinating game as our team fights for victory once more! Imagine watching the action live before your eyes… As a VIP, nonetheless! It’s all within your reach, thanks to our latest sponsor contest. Participate now, and maybe you’ll be the VIP at RWDM – SK Beveren!

RWDM – SK Beveren (Challenger Pro League, Sunday, October 23, 4 p.m.)

RWDM is working hard to fulfill its ambitions of reaching the top in the Challenger Pro League. Our sponsored team hasn’t lost any of its first 3 home games. We’ll have to wait and see for the result on Sunday, October 23, but we’re sure that they’ll go for more points against SK Beveren! Together with its fervent supporters, RWDM can use its home advantage to the max. A victory would be a great step forward in the quest for the title in the Challenger Pro League!

Be the VIP

How big of an RWDM fan are you? Would you like to experience the incredible atmosphere of a live game by our sponsored club? Thanks to our sponsor contest, you could watch the game against SK Beveren live. Even better: you could be there as a VIP! All you have to do is participate in our contest. Fill in the form now for a chance to win one of the following prizes:

  • Gold – first prize: 4 VIP tickets including a dinner for you and 3 guests and participation in a penalty kick competition during halftime
  • Silver – second prize: 4 regular tickets for you and 3 guests with a €50 cashless card and participation in a penalty kick competition during halftime
  • Bronze – third prize: 4 regular tickets for you and 3 guests


Halftime animation: penalty kick competition

As match sponsor, we’re organizing an amazing contest with the opportunity of a lifetime. As a contest winner, you will get a chance to test your penalty kicking skill against the RWDM goalie! If you or one of the participants in this contest manages to score 2 goals out of 3 penalty kicks, then Golden Palace will treat the crowd to free drinks. On top of that, Gold and Silver winners will get a signed RWDM jersey for their participation. Whether you’re a true RWDM supporter of just crazy about live football: this is one opportunity you can’t miss! See you there, Sunday, October 23!