Belgian teams in the Champions League and the Europa League


Exciting times ahead for KAA Gent, Charleroi and Standard Liège! The efforts of last season paid off for these Belgian teams, with participation in the Champions League and Europa League as a result. The competition, however, is far from the least: KAA Gent meets Dynamo Kiev tonight, while Charleroi and Standard Liège host Partizan Belgrade and Vojvodina, respectively. Can you predict which team will win?

KAA Gent – Dynamo Kiev

It has to be said: the KAA Gent that baffled friends and foes alike with frivolous football and was rightly considered a title contender is nowhere to be seen on the Belgian fields so far this season. The Buffalos will need to crank up the dial if they want to make something of their season. Luckily, KAA Gent has another road to glory still open: the Champions League. A victory against Ukraine’s Dynamo Kiev could be the final spark that starts a blaze to KAA Gent’s 2020-2021 season. If all plans come together, it could be in the cards for the team from Ghent. Can it rise to the occasion?

Bet €10 on KAA Gent to win with a margin of 1 goal and win @4.10

Charleroi – Partizan Belgrade

Contrary to KAA Gent, Charleroi has a lot to be happy about in its 2020-2021 season. As it stands, the Carolos are leading the ranking with a perfect 18 points out of 6 games so far. With such an impressive winning streak, it seems highly likely that they, and not KAA Gent, will be the big title challengers in Belgium this season. The European adventure is far from over either, for Charleroi. Up next in its Europa League ambitions is a visit from Partizan Belgrade. The outfit from the Serbian capital is nicknamed “the Steamroller” – Charleroi will have its work cut out on Wednesday!

On a roll: Charleroi to win with a 2-goal margin is going for a tasty @5.20!

Standard Liège – Vojvodina

In the domestic Pro League, Standard Liège is holding off title defender Club Bruges: with 13 points against Club’s 12 points, the Rouches have earned their second place so far. Contending for the national championship is one thing, but competing in the Europa League is a whole other business. For Standard, it’s a relatively well-known one, though. In this Europa League’s qualification games, Standard Liège finds itself against Vojvodina, one of the big three of Serbia (aside from Partizan Belgrade and Red Star Belgrade). Vojvodina is a tough customer, sure, but Standard has a reputation of its own!

Standard to win without conceding a goal seems like a good choice @2.70!

Come on, Belgium: bet on our teams in the Champions League and Europa League!

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