Best strategic dice games of 2022

25 January 2023

Best strategic dice games of 2022 | Infinity Dice | Air Dice | Mega Spinner | Gaming1 | Mega Spinner | Royal Wheel | Reel Games | Online casino | Golden Palace |

We’re already almost a month into 2023: we hope that this year has brought you all the luck you were hoping for. If not: there’s still plenty of 2023 left for that big win. Maybe you need some inspiration first? Let’s take one last look back at 2022 to discover what the most popular strategic dice games were. You could learn a thing or two on how to win big this new year, too!

Infinity Dice
  • Theme Infinity
  • 4 boxes
  • Infinity wheel
  • Bet range: €0.25 – €50
  • Up to 15 mystery games

This one should’ve been obvious to you if you’ve been playing at before. That’s right: there’s no stopping the popularity of Infinity Dice. What’s not to love in this classic strategic dice game by Air Dice? Infinity Dice allows you to deploy your own strategy. Can you find the quickest way to get to the in-game bonus round at the infinity wheel? Numerous mystery games await you!


Mega spinner dice
  • Classic Theme
  • 4 boxes
  • 2 in-game bonus rounds
  • Bet range: €0.25 – €15
  • Stake-tied jackpots to win

Coming in second in last year’s top 3 of the best dice games at is Mega Spinner, by provider Gaming1. This strategic dice game takes a more no-nonsense approach to the online casino gaming genre, with visuals that are a clear throwback to classic casino machines. Of course, Mega Spinner has plenty of features going for it, with stake-tied jackpots and no less than 2 special rounds.

Royal Wheel
  • Theme: classic
  • 4 boxes
  • 1.5x and 2x multipliers
  • Bet range: €0.25 – €5
  • 200 points for 9 alike

Royal Wheel, by Reel Games, can be considered as somewhat of the original strategic dice game. It’s no wonder that, even after a full decade, it’s still high on the list when it comes to player popularity. This true classic among strategic dice games has all the features that made the genre popular. Winning lines in 3 or 4 boxes give you multipliers, and a box of 9 alike symbols is worth 200 extra points.