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All across Europe, the qualifications for the 2022 football World Cup kick off tomorrow with the first of 3 matchdays in the month of March! For Belgium, too, this means action: our national team hosts Wales tomorrow evening. Watch the game and enhance the thrill with a bet on the Belgians!

As a football fan, you’re certainly aware of the charged history between Belgium and Wales… It’s time to show the world once more what Belgium’s made of! Let’s look at the game before us and see if there’s anything we can learn to turn a simple bet in to a midweek payday. Let’s go, Belgium!


Being ranked internationally at the first place, Belgium was one of the ten top seeds, evading other greats for the moment. As the Belgians also finished in the top 4 of the Nations League (along with France, Italy and Spain), they were guaranteed a smaller group of only 5 contenders. Besides Belgium, we find Wales, the Czech Republic, Belarus, and Estonia in Group E of these World Cup qualifying games.

The winning teams of all 10 groups A through J automatically qualify for the World Cup in 2022. The second-placed teams are drawn into play-offs for the remaining tickets to the big tournament. The stage is set, and everything is in place for some great competitive international football over the next weeks and months! All eyes will of course be on Belgium to qualify with relative ease, but first: beating Wales…

Belgium – Wales (Wednesday, March 24, 8.45 p.m.)

Statistically speaking, Belgium should have not too much trouble defeating the Welsh. However, keen observers and fans of Belgium and Wales alike will be quick to point out the aberrant but ultimately deserved 3-1 victory for Wales over Belgium in the Euro 2016 tournament. As the better team on paper, Belgium has more than a few wrongs to right here. It’s time to shine for the Golden Generation!

Belgium won all but 2 of the recent head-to-head encounters: the infamous Euro 2016 meeting, and a draw. Against other nations, Belgium won 4 of its last 5, losing to England back in October. Wales, on the other hand, didn’t lose a single game in 5: 3 victories interspersed with 2 draws. With 6 goals across 5 direct encounters, it should be noted that Wales has little trouble scoring against Belgium…

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The start of the World Cup qualifications has plenty of beautiful betting opportunities in store, as nations across Europe go head to head. Belgium’s neighbours France and the Netherlands, for example, will respectively host Ukraine and visit Turkey. Can they confirm their top seed positions against the strongest opposition in their groups? If you think you know the answer, then it’s time to bet and win!

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