Bet on the Number One Grand Final


Though it may have had humble beginnings, Counter Strike is far from your average home gaming entertainment. Under the internationally played Counter Strike: Global Offensive, the game has reached the level of any true sports events as teams gather the best players in the world to compete against others for global domination.

CS:GO took Belgium by storm too. This weekend, from Friday to Sunday, the Grand Final of the most important CS:GO tournament is on. This Golden Palace-backed tournament Number One pits the best squads in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, and France against one another. Of course, we have the juiciest bets ready for you to enjoy!

Number One Grand Final

All across 2020, there were qualification tournaments for the main event later on, and now, that main event has come. Only the best teams remain in the running for the championship title, and all that’s in their way to history is each other… Who will come out on top? For starters, let’s take a look at the current points ranking. This could potentially help us identify some keen betting options.

The teams and the schedule

8 teams will start the Grand Final weekend. In the first round, these will each play one game against one opponent. After those 4 games, there will be two separate brackets: one containing the winning teams, and another with the losing teams. These will then play one game each against each other.

The 2 winners of bracket that contained the winning teams will automatically go to the semi-finals. The 2 winners of the losers bracket will then face off with the losers of the winners bracket, lucky loser-style. Whoever wins these games will get the last remaining 2 berths for the semi-finals.

To make it to the final, a straight victory in the semi-final will suffice. Because this tournament uses a lucky loser concept, all 8 starting teams can end up winning the tournament! This may make it tricky to navigate if you want to place a bet. Let’s look at some numbers to find the juiciest bet, shall we?

The teams and their chances

The top spot in the Number One general ranking goes to Apologis. This team is expected to make a nice run into the tournament, with a final spot definitely in the cards. Coming in second place is another strong contender for the title, Ubiteam. These two will meet each other in the inaugural game on Friday.

@1.50, the odds seem to indicate a victory for Apologis here, but @2.50, Ubiteam is still worth considering. If you’re looking for a little more risk, keep your eye on GameFist, the team currently in tenth place in the general ranking. Can the underdog stun the big guns with a deep run to the final?

Your game, your bet!

Don’t take our word for it: as an Esport specialist, you might know your way around the Number One bets all on your own! You can always show off your knowledge with a winning bet. Check out the offer on the Grand Final of Number One in Counter Strike: Global Offensive now and win big on Esports!

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