Biden or Trump: have you placed your bets yet?


Today, citizens of the USA cast their vote on who will be president for the next four years. Political commentators are already calling the battle between Joe Biden and Donald Trump the most important election of a generation.

More important for you is the fact that a correct prediction can make you rich. Today we will be looking at our betting offer on the US presidential election.

Biden/Harris vs Trump/Pence

The way the US election system is set up so that the race is basically between the Democratic party and the Republican party. Not that you should expect a rather boring 50/50 offer here! Odds for the candidates are adjusted daily to reflect how they are doing in the important polls. This year, the presidency is likely to go to one of two tickets: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as presidential and vice-presidential candidates for the Democrats respectively, or the incumbent president-vice president team Donald Trump and Mike Pence on the Republican ticket.

So, what’s so interesting for you as a bettor? Well, as there are 50 US states, you can bet on the winner in any of these. Some are practically guaranteed to go either to the Democrats or to the Republicans, while others are so-called “battle states”. The race could be tight in these, and odds could swing either way as a result! Likewise, you can find that betting kick you’re looking for by placing your bet on the side less likely to win a certain state. As these elections will be highly contested, you could make a lot of money with some keen political insight this time. Hurry up and place your smartest bets now!

Real Madrid - Inter Milan

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