Big Bet Winners: International football


These are high times for sports bettors who specialize in football, as there are plenty of football games being played all over the world these days. From the international women’s football tournament to the Euro 2020 qualifiers: plenty of players found the right odds and had the luck by their side to overcome sometimes baffling odds. Let’s take a look at our proud big bet winners and see if we discover their strategies!

TONY486 wins over 36 times his stake

First off on this winners list is TONY486, who managed to multiply his €10 stake over 36 times with a big bet on the international matches that captivated the world over the last weekend. This multi bet included certainties such as a win for Belgium against Kazakhstan in the Euro 2020 qualifiers @1.03, but also slightly riskier selections such as a Polish victory over North Macedonia @1.95. Our player combined no less than 30 of these events into one multi bet, and managed to get all his predictions right! It would seem that such seemingly simple bets are not worth it, as you’re only increasing the risk for a relatively small reward, but here it was executed beautifully for a win of €368.42.

Chriscoz makes small fortune on Euro 2020 qualifiers

In similar fashion to TONY486, Chriscoz scoured our sportsbook for the best odds to link together in a tasty multi bet. Our player ended up with 22 selections in this accumulator, and wagered €40 on a success for all of them. Where a straight 1X2 bet was not interesting enough, Chriscoz spiced up his bet with the also popular ‘Total Over’ bets. A clever pick on ‘Total Over: 1.5’ in the Euro 2020 qualifier Iceland – Turkey @1.51. A home win for Poland over Israel @1.53 also boosted his total odds. When the last match in Chriscoz’s selection was settled, our player found himself with a win of €2,035.64 from a €40 bet.

fabrice17 takes home €1,833.50

Our player fabrice17 found plenty of interesting selections in the multitude of international football matches on offer at with several events going on at the same time. Among the smart choices in his combination bet of nine selections was a ‘Total Over: 3.5’ in an unevenly matched Faroe Islands – Spain. With Spain taking an easy 1-4 victory on the field of the small northern island nation, the odds @1.73 were a class pick to supplement fabrice17’s other selections. All of his selections proved winning, and our player finished his multi bet with €1,833.50 added to his account. The win is all the more impressive if you consider the total odds fabrice17 beat: he multiplied his €25 stake a whopping 73 times!

Finally, a shout-out to Jawatte, who managed to multiply a €5 bet almost 60 times! With a multi bet on just 6 international football matches, our player won €297.20. You could try to equal this win simply by registering if you haven’t yet, as every new registration can receive €5 as a free welcome bonus! When you make your first deposit, we’ll give you another treat: 100% of your deposited amount, for up to €250 in bonus. Go for it while the international football matches are still coming thick and fast!

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