Big bet winners so far in 2020


The sports world is picking up speed after the winter break of early 2020, and for some of our sports bettors returning from their winter sleep, 2020 already started out great. Let’s take a closer look at some of our most remarkable winners, and see if we can take a few lessons to make the most of our sports knowledge. Your predictions could be worth more than you think!

nico2687 wins over 44 times his €19 stake, and more!

You don’t always need to bet big to win big. That’s what our player nico2687 must’ve thought when he placed a 8-fold multi bet on football and tennis games with a stake of just €25. His selections, too, were on the modest side, with average odds hovering around the @1.50 mark. Ultimately, all of his predictions – which included winner predictions on international tennis games in the ATP Cup – paid off for a total of €639.26.

In another 8-fold, nico2687 managed to outdo himself when he focused all of his insights on the ATP Cup. With a simple enough stake of €19, he took a little more risk by including odds over @2.00, such as a keen selection where he bet on Denis Shapovalov to win over Stefanos Tsitsipas. And surely, there’s no risk without reward if you know what you’re doing: all 8 of his predictions came true, netting him a return of over 44 times his stake for €841.10 in winnings.

Misak1975 wins big single bets

Multi bets are interesting if you find lots of sure deals that have little reward on their own, but as a downside, you add more risk for every selection. To prove that you can make a big win with single bets too, let us introduce you to Misak1975. This player made thousands of euros in 2020 so far with his daring single bets. All it took were some reasonable stakes of about €50, a keen eye for great odds, and a lot of luck to bring it all down to some big paydays.

With a “Halftime/Full time: Udinese/AC Milan” bet @24.00, Misak1975 didn’t shy away from some hefty risks with his first single bet of €55. When the unthinkable happened as AC Milan came from behind in the second half, he made a cool €1,320. In a second single bet, also on the Serie A, he placed €50 on “Halftime/Full time: Sassuolo/Torino” with an even bigger odd of €26. This bet also paid off, earning Misak1975 another €1,300 in winnings. Amazing predictions!

Prove your sports knowledge and become a winner too

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