Big dice game winners: start of 2021


The dice game offer at has proven to possess unwavering popularity. Every month, thousands of players take their chances on our strategic dice games, dice slot games and automated table games. Virtually all of them enjoy their own success stories month after months. That is why you too keep coming back for more!

If you need some inspiration, we have looked up the biggest success stories of this new year so far. Not surprisingly, the strategic dice games by Airdice have a prominent role in this winners overview. Let’s meet the greatest winners of 2021 so far, the games they’ve played, and the huge amounts that they’ve won!

fatoumata wins €10,580 on Infinity Dice

Infinity Dice is without a doubt our most popular strategic dice game. We notice several tens of thousands of sessions every month, and therefore it only makes sense that a massive amount is won on this absolute classic. The most baffling victory came for our player fatoumata, whose Infinity Dice session on February 4 saw €10,580 added to her Golden Palace account. Nicely done, fatoumata!

Infinity Dice

NANA1040 €12,206.01 Pure

Strategic dice game fans who like their winning experiences as fast and simple as possible have long since fallen for Pure. This game not only offers a visually clean strategic gaming experience. Thanks to its jackpot system that contains 3 jackpots of varying sizes, this game draws thousands every month. So far in 2021, NANA1040 was the luckiest of them all, with a session win of €12,206.01 on January 6.

bertolinie €30,500 Diamond Double Wheel

Diamond Double Wheel enjoys a huge and loyal fanbase after all these years. Plenty of hardcore dice game fans still aim for a spin at those double wheels every day! What’s your favourite wheel here, the money wheel or the points wheel? Judging by his winning session on January 21, bertolinie happened upon his fair share of both, winning no less than €30,500. Incredible! Congratulations, bertolinie!

Diamond Double Wheel

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