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After months of uncertainty, we can now finally look forward to the return of some of the world’s most highly ranked football leagues. The following weeks, we will witness the return of La Liga in Spain (from June 11), the English Premier League (from June 17) and Italy’s Serie A (from June 20). With teams like Barcelona, Liverpool and Juventus coming back to the pitch, there are plenty of fresh options for your smart bets. Read on for some insights into the situations in these football leagues!

La Liga (from June 11)

With Barcelona and Real Madrid, La Liga is home to some of the most star-studded sides in football. Spain’s highest football division, however, offers more than just famous players. Extraordinary circumstances and league cancellation aside, this La Liga season has been a bit all over the place. At the moment, no team is fully certain of anything yet. Will the remaining 11 games hold baffling surprises?

Current top five:

  1. Barcelona (58 points)
  2. Real Madrid (56 points)
  3. Sevilla (47 points)
  4. Real Sociedad (46 points)
  5. Getafe (46 points)

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Premier League (from June 17)

In stark contrast to La Liga, the Premier League seems to have settled for the larger part. Liverpool has dominated England’s highest division and holds a shocking lead of 25 points over Manchester City, the second in the league. Matters are actually more exciting at the bottom, where a handful of teams with a point total of less than 30 are battling to stave off relegation. With 21 points, Norwich seems worst off. Meanwhile, struggling Manchester United has some decisive games ahead…

Current top five:

  1. Liverpool (82 points)
  2. Manchester City (57 points)
  3. Leicester (53 points)
  4. Chelsea (48 points)
  5. Manchester United (45 points)

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Serie A (from June 20)

In Italy’s Serie A, the country’s highest football league, it makes sense to see the famous Old Lady leading the pack, before a surprisingly able SS Lazio this season. One of these will end up champion, so we still have a thrilling season finale waiting here! It’s worth noting that SS Lazio actually holds a better goal difference than Juventus: 37 over 26. And what to think of Atalanta’s goal-scoring skill? The Bergamo outfit has made a whopping 70 goals so far!

Current top five:

  1. Juventus (63 points)
  2. SS Lazio (62 points)
  3. Inter Milan (54 points)
  4. Atalanta (48 points)
  5. AS Roma (45 points)

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