Big leagues, big winners!


With the return of the biggest European football competitions, are sports bettors are back to show us off their sports knowledge with some keen predictions. Our players already won thousands in the last months. With action still going strong in the Bundesliga, La Liga, the Premier League and Serie A, there is still a lot of money to be made. Let’s take a closer look at some predictions that have already paid out big!

Big payouts ahead!

Over the last few weeks, we’ve noticed a return of big payouts that coincides with the increased activity in football events. Sycloni used a combination bet at a stake of €17.50 to win a total of €838.62. This bet focused on bookings in some high-stakes Bundesliga matchups, which goes to show how smart Sycloni used his specific knowledge. The most impressive, however, was a 2-fold multi bet by Deliagirl. She mangaged to  turn a stake of just €10 into a payout of almost a hundred times as huge! After her bets from June 2 were calculated, she had made €971.04.

murobek is at it again!

One player that never lost his winning ways is murobek. Now, he’s at it again, showing us all how to win with a very clever bet on football games that took place on June 13. By going for ‘Totals Over/Under’ across several competitions including the German Bundesliga, our player managed to win no less than €2,834.01 from a single stake of €25. His 8-fold multi bet correctly predicted that there would be more than 2.5 goals in Bundesliga matches Wolfsburg – Freiburg and Hertha Berlin – Eintracht Frankfurt. Wonderful way to show us you’re back, murobek!

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Now that the Serie A joins the ranks of the Bundesliga, La Liga and Premier League, the chances for winning combinations are virtually limitless once again! Can you use your sports knowledge to your advantage, make some clever predictions, and win a lot of money? Then join our sports bettors community now! Come discover our odds on the big European football competitions, but also on other sports. Our Esport offer especially deserves your attention, with the ongoing League of Legends European Championship as a flagship tournament. Go for the win!

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