Big sports bet winners win thousands in October

1 November 2022

What does it take to win a sports bet? Some basic knowledge of sports and betting, a keen sense of timing and just a little luck will get you a long way! We’ll explain how you can become one of our big sports betting winners by looking at the players that wowed us with amazing insights that ended up winning them thousands.

How to make the most of your sports betting action

First off, a quick refresher of how to bet, and more importantly, how to win big. There are three types of betting available at simple bets, multibets, and system bets. By far, multibets are the most popular because of how obvious the advantages are even if you’re betting for the first time in your life. It’s as simple as basic math: in a multibet, you multiply the odds of several single bets. That’s all there is to it! The higher the total odds, the more you can win, basically.

So, what are these odds, then? To put it simply, they represent the chances of an outcome – the team to win, the number of goals or points to be made, and so on. For example, odds of @2.00 mean that a bet of €1 will return €2 if the corresponding prediction comes true. That means that higher odds don’t just mean higher possible payouts, but less likely payouts, too. Therefore, you need to look for odds that are reasonably low and combine these in a multibet, if you want to win.

Imagine that you bet on 4 football games and predict that home teams will win in all 4 of these. Let’s assume the following odds: @1.40 for the first game, @1.80 for the second game, @1.20 for the third game, and @1.60 for the fourth game. That’s an average of @1.50, but a total of @4.84. In this example, you combined 4 realistic outcomes under @2.00, and ended up with a total odd of almost @5.00. In other words: this multibet of 4 matches could win almost 5 times your stake, where single betting on the individual matches would only deliver the odds per individual match.

Of course, you can add as many selections to your multibet as you deem safe for your betting tastes! Some combine as many low odds (indicating rather likely outcomes) into a multibet as possible. Others carefully consider odds between @2.00 and @3.00 and combine just a few of these in 1 multibet. Then there are those that specialize in mixing both strategies. Adding more selections to your multibet has an additional advantage: our multi booster of 1% per selection that you add. The 4-fold multibet from our example would automatically get a multi booster of 4%. In the end, it’s up to you!


MoussaBokal turns €0.50 into €1,580.03

Now that we’ve got the basics covered, let’s move on to some examples of real bettors winning huge amounts. Let’s start with an unbelievable tale of an amazing feat stemming from the most modest of all beginnings. The smallest amount you can bet on is €0.50. It is exactly with this amount that our bettor MoussaBokal won a whopping €1,580.03 – well over 3,000 times his stake!

He pulled off something we don’t see every day: a 19-fold bet (that is, a multibet with 19 selections), mostly ‘Double chance’ bets safely below @2.00. The total odds for MoussaBokal’s daring multibet ended up being @2700.90. Astronomical as these total odds seemed, all events that MoussaBokal bet on went as he predicted. Along with the multi booster of 19%, the win multiplier was 3,160.06!


Sjoffel83 turns €10 into €8,282.78

If you’re looking to spend a little more to win a little more, you can follow the example of our bettor Sjoffel83. This bettor took his time to consider the sharpest odds and gathered these in a 16-fold multibet. Just as was the case for MoussaBokal, Sjoffel83 also focused on football bets, with selections from popular football leagues like the Ligue 1, La Liga and the Premier League.

Sjoffel83, too, kept his odds below the threshold of @2.00 in an effort to minimize the chance of a small mishap and maximize the chance of a big return. And a big return is just what he got when all 16 of his predictions came true. His medium stake of €10 turned into a dizzying €8,282.78 return. That’s well over 800 times what he put in in the first place. Thanks for showing us how it’s done!


Mikey71 turns €30 into €11,736.85

Finally, we have an amazing instance of a bettor who won more than €10,000 here at We regularly see wins of a few thousands of euros, but 5 digit wins? That’s rather rare and all the more remarkable. Despite its rareness, we’ve found one such event in the month of October. Meet Mikey71, who managed to win €11,736.85. Wonder how he did it? Let’s find out now!

As you’d expect by now, a smart multibet was the key to this stunning win. Unlike the other bettors that we’ve mentioned in this article, Mikey71 went to a mix of low and medium odds. Still, combining reasonably certain results with a few less likely outcomes was key to his huge win. His 10-fold bet went just as he hoped: even the highest odd @3.10 came true, turning his @30 bet into €11,736.85!


Your turn to win!

As we’ve shown, sports betting can be an immensely lucrative business. Did our successful bettors of the month inspire you to try and achieve greatness too? Then don’t wait any longer, search our sports betting page for the best odds, craft your own multibet, and win hundreds if not thousands with correct predictions. Why not involve your friends? You could start a friendly competition to see who knows your favorite sports the best… Register now if you hadn’t before: it’s your turn to win!