Big win on Black Lotus

7 July 2022

Our strategic dice game offer remains one of the most popular destinations for players looking for a big win from a relatively small investment. Today, we’ll be looking at a stunning win on Black Lotus, one of the recent additions to our line-up of Airdice games. Our player gene05 made no less than €14,003.31 in one session here! Let’s dive in and discover how this came to be…

€14,003.31 on Black Lotus by Airdice

Strategic dice games have always been a welcome source for wins of hundreds and thousands of euros by our lucky players. Every now and then, though, we encounter a win that is so remarkable that we feel like we should put the lucky winner in the spotlight. That’s what we’re doing here for gene05, who won €14,003.31 in one lucky session. The mystery games, where every win pays out the maximum amount for the stake at which you’re playing, played the biggest role in this win. How about you, did you ever manage to get your hands on some of these mystery games? Worth a try!


Black Lotus in a nutshell

The Black Lotus is about to bloom, and whenever that happens, you’ll be royally rewarded... And all you need is the right strategy and some luck! Black Lotus is a strategic dice game by our long-time partner Airdice, so you know that you’ll get a well-crafted strategic dice game that has a few tricks up its sleeve in its way of guiding you to the biggest wins. Just ask gene05! The quickest way to win is the valuable in-game bonus wheel, where you’ll get 5 spins. Here, you can land on one of the many sectors that give mystery games, or even the progressive jackpot, worth far over €5,000 right now!

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