Big win on Sequential Royal: €5 became €4,000

15 November 2022

Royal flush on Sequential Royal: €5 became €4,000 | Video poker | Online casino | Golden Palace |

Video poker is a common and popular casino pastime. You can enjoy it in our gaming halls, or online through the many games we have in our table game offer. You can use the same knowledge to win a regular game of poker among friends to win thousands of euros from our online casino. That’s what our player ptitloup59 did when he won €4,000 from a €5 wager with a royal flush!

Sequential Royal

Have you ever tried video poker at Video poker is the online table game version of poker, one of the most popular card games in casinos (and living rooms) around the world. Poker has many variations, and in our offer, you’ll find everything you desire. Today, we’re focusing on Sequential Royal by Red Rake Gaming. In this video poker game, you chase the dream hand: the royal flush. Any hand above a pair of jacks will award you a prize. There’s even a mini game for more wins!

€5 becomes €4,000 with royal flush

We’re zooming in on Sequential Royal, of course, because we’ve noticed an amazing win on this video poker game by Red Rake Gaming. Just a short while back, our player ptitloup59 drew the hand of a lifetime on Sequential Royal. Can you imagine his amazement when he saw the 10 of spades, jack of spades, queen of spades, king of spades and finally the ace of spades appear? That’s right: our lucky player had a sequential royal flush, which turned his €5 wager into a victory worth €4,000!