Big win on Spirit Sisters: €25,000 from €10

20 June 2022

Looking for big wins? You’ll find them right here at! If you’ve been an avid reader of our news articles, you’ll already know that we like to put our big winners in the spotlight, as a reminder of the chance that you yourself have to make a big win. Today, we’ll be talking about a huge win on a huge fan favourite: Spirit Sisters. Our player jackflash turned €10 into €25,000!

€10 wagered, €25,000 won

On Wednesday, June 1, our player jackflash was feeling lucky, so he launched one of everyone’s favourite strategic dice games: Spirit Sisters. Not before long, his spins paid off in a mind-blowing manner. In one of his turns, he saw his €10 wager transformed into a €25,000 win. Simply amazing! It should come to no surprise that the key to his success was the game’s special round. Here, our player had access to the mystery games and the jackpot. That’s how you make money on!


Spirit Sisters

In Spirit Sisters, you join humanity’s last stand against a race of alien invaders. Luckily, humanity has the help of 2 powerful heroines: the Spirit Sisters! With each of their powers combined, humanity has a fighting chance… Help the Spirit Sisters out and find yourself rewarded like our player jackflash! Spirit Sisters is one of Air Dice most popular games. This strategic dice game has it all: a powerful backstory, recognizable strategic dice elements, and of course: plenty of valuable mystery games!

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