Big winner: over €20,000 won on Infinity Dice!


Infinity Dice remains one of the most popular games in our gaming offer. Week after week and month after month, we notice both long-time players and freshly-registered players flock to this evergreen. Of course, plenty of these players make a nice bit of cash for themselves! Wins of several hundreds to a few thousands are common enough, but what Svekke1984 did on July 24 blew our minds. During a single session on Infinity Dice, he made a dizzying €22,000. Incredible!

Infinity Dice

Infinity Dice, of course, is well-known at This strategic dice game by famed provider Airdice is as simple and elegant in its visual design as it is in its gameplay. Strategic dice games are easy to pick up, and give you a great sense of control, as you figure out your own strategy. You can choose to go for the creation of lines with lower-scoring symbols that appear more often, or you can aim for only the highest rewards by trying to make winning lines with rarer symbols. It’s all up to you.

Mystery games

It certainly was all up to Svekke1984 last Friday, July 24! During his luckiest session of the day, he managed to win a total that crossed the mythical boundary of €20,000 – and then some! Svekke1984 has the very lucrative mystery game feature to thank for his amazing winning streak. Mystery games, which can be won (up to 15 of them!) in the bonus game, allow you to attain the prize of 1,000 points for any winning combination. Any 100 or more points wins the maximum prize per paid spin this way!

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We have a feeling that it won’t be long before Infinity Dice strikes again. Any spin can trigger the bonus game, and it’s only a short, exhilarating spin at the Infinity Wheel to find your prize. Convinced? Then come on over join the King of Fun in his Kingdom of Fun right now! A whole new world of generous entertainment awaits you at So what are you waiting for? Come discover our dice game offer now!

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Infinity Dice

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