Big winners in our live casino


Time and time again, we see big wins at, as our luckiest players came to enjoy our selection of thousands of casino games and managed to close their sessions with thousands of euros added to their player accounts. Today, we’ll look at 3 players who each crossed the mythical boundary as they stepped in to 5-digit win territory… But let’s start off with a round of applause for our winners!

wouter1907 is the first to cross the €10,000 win limit

It’s a magical thing to happen to any player, whether it happens on our casino games, our dice games, or our sports bets. In the case of wouter1907, the big hit came at the blackjack tables in our live casino. In one hot session back in mid-February, our player had a big break when he got up from the table with no less than €10,150 in his pocket.

Live Blackjack Perfect Pair

Blaze Roulette brings double luck to jeff_montois

Blaze Roulette is one of our most popular roulette tables. It provides fast gameplay coupled with attractive professional live presentation. Many players already had great successes at this live casino table. So far this year, however, we noticed one name that came up a lot: jeff_montois. Across these pas months, our player made thousands of euros at Blaze Roulette.

His most remarkable successes happened on March 23, when he left the table with a session win of €11,095. His skill and his luck combined to make an ever better result on February 15. On that day, his winning streak resulted in a whopping win of €14,770. That’s how you win at roulette! Why don’t you try to your luck too? Our live casino is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!.

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