Biggest win stories: thousands and thousands of euros on dice slot games!


Over the years, had the privilege to make plenty of people happy with once-in-a-life wins of thousands of euros. Let’s go over some of these biggest wins that made heads turns and imaginations run wild!

tauros has a 5 digit wins for 5 days straight

When tauros opened dice slot game Starmania on the November the 12th of last year, little did he know that he’d start a string of wins that is still making waves to this day! On that first day, our player nailed it with a winning session of €34,104. Then, every day until November the 16th, our player ended sessions of respectively €14,250, €12,050, €25,090, and finally €33,635. That’s a grand total of €119,129, all in one work week’s time. Mind-blowing lucky streak!

timmy111 wins over 100K in one go

Player timmy111 made sure he started 2019 in a winning mood. In the first week of the new year, he had a session win of over 100K on dice slot game Doubleplay Superbet! This beautifully coloured dice slot game lets you set the number of multipliers (Doubleplay) and the reels on which these multipliers appear (Superbet). It costs you no imagination to realise that this can become a lucky ticket to big wins. Just ask timmy111, who made €102,089 in one go this way.

83K magic for hepiep

For our last big dice slot game win, we encounter hepiep, who made over 83K by playing Merlin’s Magic Respins. This game also has the highly lucrative Superbet option, which lets you decide the number of free respins you get for a full line of magic Merlin symbols. hepiep seized the opportunity shortly after we launched marvellous dice slot game Merlin’s Magic Respins. This way, he managed to end a session with no less than €83.838,50 in session winnings.

Did you know that you too could be as lucky as tauros, timmy111 and hepiep? Of course it’s possible! Let your imagination run wild and try it for free thanks to our welcome gift of €5 for new registrations. When you decide to deposit, we have another gift that will make a winner out of you. Just enter the code GP250 to get 100% of your first deposit. You can get up to €250 extra this way!

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