Bonuses galore in Deal or No Deal Slot!


Renowned game provider Gaming1 brings us the slot version of the popular TV show and live casino hit Deal or No Deal. This game allows you to win up to 500 times your bet, and that’s before you even trigger any of its 3 bonuses!

Deal or no Deal Bonus

The Deal or no Deal bonus mixes excitement with a healthy dose of strategy, making it very popular with many of our players. The bonus game starts with 26 suitcases, and you are immediately shown which amounts are hidden inside them. What you don’t know, however, is which suitcase hides which amount.

As the game progresses, the banker will slowly reveal the content of several suitcases. You will then receive an offer based on the average value of the remaining suitcases. It is up to you to accept this offer or wait for future (possibly increased) offers. You can even refuse all offers! In that case, you will receive the contents of the last remaining suitcase.

Extra bonuses

At the end of the Deal or no Deal Bonus, one of two additional bonuses can randomly trigger to increase your winnings even further:

  • The Player’s Choice Bonus presents you with 3 suitcases to choose from. You will immediately receive the contents of your chosen suitcase.
  • The Banker’s Choice gives you 5 suitcases to choose from, each containing a prize of 2 to 20 times your wager. If you are not happy with the contents of the first suitcase you open, you can refuse it and choose again.
Deal Or No Deal Slot

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