Booongo tournament: let’s get booongolastic!

10 May 2022

Are you ready for a promotion on which every spin can win? That’s right: it’s time for another big tournament on our selection of casino slot games by provider Booongo! In this tournament, we’ll be dividing €5,000 among the best performing players. And the best thing about this tournament? Even a single spin can win, as we’re looking for the biggest multiplier in 1 spin. Join the fun now!

Any spin can win

This booongolastic casino slot game tournament is sure to grab your attention. Your goal here is to get on the leaderboard by getting the biggest multiplier on a single spin. That means that just opening 1 single game and playing 1 single spin could put you in the lead right away! The multiplier is your win divided by bet on a single spin, so a stake of €1 with a win of €50 would be 50 points.


€5,000 to win

If you’ve participated in our generous tournaments and promotions before, then you know that we always have a proper prize pool for you. No big tournament without a big prize pool this time around, either! In total, we have €5,000 to divide among the players who can get the biggest multiplier win during the promotion period. Just one spin could suffice for your part of €5,000!


Booongo games

Look for your Booongo faves with the greatest potential and put yourself on the leaderboard now! You can participate from tomorrow, May 11 (start of day) until Wednesday, May 18 (end of day). Any Booongo game counts in this tournament, so go for your favourite game, or discover a new game that can surprise you even more! Booongo’s gaming universe is huge: there’s always a game for you!

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