Bundesliga bet winner: thousands of euros for Michot17!


Last weekend was a celebratory weekend in the world of football: with the Bundesliga, one of the major football leagues in the world started playing again after months of inactivity. Of course, our smart bettors took notice, and picked right up where they left off, winning several thousands in total. One player stood out particularly. Let’s find out how our player Michot17 made a small fortune with his bets!

As one of the Big 5 football competitions, the Bundesliga managed to become the first league to overcome the challenges and kick off again. With world-famous teams like Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich in the rankings, this league instantly drew hundreds of players, who’d been waiting for their chance to use their sports knowledge to make some money with smart bets. One of these players was Michot17.

His patience was tried, but Michot17 didn’t falter when the time came to make his selections on the Bundesliga. Our player managed to win a total of €4,505.80 thanks to his keen insights! Our player focused on prediction for the winner in high-profile Bundesliga games. A bet on Borussia Dortmund to win against Schalke 04, for example, delivered a win of €1,106.56, as Dortmund won the Revierderby with a dry 4-0.

Michot17 made another stellar prediction by betting on Borussia Mönchengladbach to win away against Eintracht Frankfurt. The game ended in a 1-3 scoreline for Mönchengladbach, and this correct prediction made our player another €1,243.33. Finally, a smart selection on German powerhouse Bayern Munich to win against struggling Union Berlin paid off with €2,155.91. That’s how Michot17 made a total of €4,505.80 on the Bundesliga last weekend!

Care to try it out yourself? Go for it! Not only is the ball rolling on the German fields of the Bundesliga, but the Austrian Bundesliga, Danish Super League and Czechian Premier League also are about to start again. Read our preview article to get up to speed, and start winning your bets again as the teams on the fields try to do the same!

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