Buy bonus: try it on Bompers and other games!


If you’re always looking for the latest innovations, you know you’re right at home at We do everything in our power to bring you the greatest innovations in the casino world. Today, we will be talking about a recent revolution in online casino gaming: the so-called “buy bonus” feature.

Thanks to “buy bonus”, you can finally skip the grind for your bonus features: for a relatively small extra payment, you can trigger the bonus feature right away. In most slot games that have this “buy bonus” feature, that means free spins right away, but Bompers by ELK Studios goes even further!

Buy bonus

Have you ever launched a game and had the bonus feature on the first spin? It can happen! This feature is randomized over all sessions and all stakes for any given game, so luck is key… But that’s part of the thrill, of course! If you’d rather skip this grind for a chance, this new buy bonus feature is all for you.

It’s a concept that’s as simple as it is elegant: you basically buy a ticket to go to the game’s bonus feature whenever you want! The price you pay here could be easily recovered through your bonus game wins. Don’t forget: most of our biggest wins come from sessions that featured several bonus games!


The first game we will put in the buy bonus spotlight, is Bompers by ELK Studios. Bompers is styled to resemble a pinball machine, with symbols falling as pinball from the top of your screen. Link them up from left to right in the longest lines possible! Winning symbols will disappear, making room for others.

The most amazing thing about this brand-new slot game (check it soon in our tournaments too!), is its X-iter buy bonus feature that isn’t limited to the free spins. Here, you have 4 different options! You can buy the free spins: 3 different options for guaranteed wilds on the next spin are available to buy.


Win 100 GP for trying out Bompers!

Have you already discovered Bompers on your own? What about our loyalty system? We will give every player who gives Bompers a try 100 GP. That way, you’ll be a little closer to the gift you’re going for, simply by discovering this game and its amazing features! Launch the game from Thursday, March 4 (start of day) until Sunday, March 7 (end of day) to benefit from this try-out offer!

Bompers is just the first game that we’re using to demonstrate how powerful this buy bonus innovation can be. If you want to be a winner, you can take the risk of paying a little more, with potentially huge rewards! Below, you’ll find our pick of slot games with this new buy bonus feature. For a full list, you can click on the buy bonus tab on our casino games page. Register now, make a first deposit, and go for it!

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