Candy Prize: casual game meets skill game


Candy Prize

Are you a fan of casual mobile games like the kind you play on your mobile device? Then you will love Candy Prize! Think of this colourful new game as a casino skill game version of your favourite pastime. Yes, you could definitely win money simply by clicking away the candy!

Skill games are a growing market of interest for our casino game winners at, and this game is the perfect way to get to know this exciting game offer in person. Join the fun and come discover the world of sweetness that Candy Prize has to offer you!

Casual vibe

Candy Prize closely resembles the kind of games you casually play on your mobile phone or other touchscreen device. This gives the game a real easy-going vibe. You will get an instant grasp of the gameplay, which is represented in soft, beautiful colours. Click any two vertically or horizontally adjacent symbols to switch their locations. Does your move create at least 1 line of at least 3 symbols? Then you’re on your way to winning, because in Candy Prize, you don’t just play for fun!

Prove your skill

As Candy Prize is a skill game, you have some control over how much you can win. The possible symbols may be determined before they are visualised, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t develop your own strategy. Each time you click away a certain combination, you take your own personal path towards possible victory. Special symbols will help you in the random quest that the game will present you by taking out multiple symbols at once. Do you have the decision-making skills for a winning session?

Become a winner

Like all our skill games in our casino game offer, Candy Prize is a relatively new entry to our catalogue. This growing offer of skill games just goes to show you how much diversity you will find at! Skill games are the perfect starting point for players who like to keep some sense of control over their casino game experience. Are you ready to choose your own destiny? Join the fun now and discover our full offer of exciting skill games. Candy Prize and the others are waiting for you to win!

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