Casino Winners December 3: our top 3 makes over 10K each!


Everyone knows that there’s quite a lot of money to win on if you’re lucky. Our top players of the week prove this every week, with thousands of euros won on our superb selection of casino games. Join us again this week as we meet our 3 biggest casino winners of the week, who made a total of over 31K!

First off, let’s hear it for pos1478, who made a small fortune of €12,716 on since last Monday! Our player made most of his thousands on Live Blackjack, straight from our live casino. In one such lucky streak, he ended up with €4,435, and in yet another session, he made a total of €6,390. Coupled with some more modest wins, our player managed to supplement his account with more than 12K.

Our second player of the week who deserves praise is Tommyb34, who made a total net win of €10,955.51 thanks to his lucky break on Joker Gems. Just one session on this fairly recent jackpot-enabled slot game brought him a win of €10,064. Joker Gems is unique in the world of slot games at here, you don’t have to get winning lines, but winning clusters of identical symbols to get a chance at winning one of the game’s 3 jackpots.

Finally, we take a moment to look at Lombardino’s winning sessions last week. This player had one big session on Beefee dice slot game Ancient Secrets where he made €10,270. In Ancient Secrets, you explore the mysteries of the pharaohs in Egypt. With plenty of ways to win big, Lombardino managed to round out our top 3 of nothing but 5 digit winning players. Well done, everyone!

Maybe you could be the next player to feature in these weekly winner reports. Sometimes a single huge win is all you need to become famous on! You can even try it for free with our €5 welcome bonus. Also, did you know about our first deposit bonus? This GP500 bonus will automatically give you 100% of your first deposit in bonus money, for up to €500 extra to play with!

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