Casino Winners February 11: spectacular wins on live roulette and Chinese New Year games!


If there’s one thing we can count on at, it’s the ever-growing popularity of our popular promotions and our live casino tables! This past week, we ran a long-standing promotion to celebrate the Chinese New Year, so naturally many players choose to try their luck here. As many times before, our live casino tables operated by dealers in exquisite casinos all over the world rounded out our top 3.

Chinese New Year is celebrated by Chinese communities all around the world as a time of intense luck and fortune. In other words, it’s the ideal moment for a casino games promotion! At, we have many slot games in Eastern theme. One of these is Xi You Ji, or Journey To The West, released just for the occasion of this year’s New Year celebrations. This slot game proved very lucky for our player Chaosbeast, who made €3,117 in a single session!

Our second winner is Maxi555, who made the nice sum of €5,807 over the course of the last week. This player made this remarkable amount through his lucky sessions at the roulette tables of our live casino. Our live casino tables offer our players the possibility to enjoy the real casino atmosphere from the comfort of their living room. Just wager, wait and watch the ball land on your number!

Another player who made his money while playing at our live roulette tables, is Gringo1080, who made €4,250. In just one lucky session, our player managed to win big, taking home €2,800 with a few lucky selections! Several smaller wins added to one weekend to remember for Gringo1080.

Watching the ball fly around that wheel, hoping it falls on the number or selection of your choice... Who could say no to such excitement? Especially if you can try it for free thanks to our €5 welcome bonus! Just register and try your luck! When you deposit for the first time, too, you can score a bonus: 100% of your deposited amount, for a bonus of up to €500!

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