Casino Winners March 25: Jellisa wins almost 20K in net gains


It seems like not a week goes by without a player who strikes gold on the core of the casino experience we offer at our prestigious live casino offer. Thousands of players, both big and small, try their luck at our live casino tables – and often they managed to walk away with some nice wins. What Jellisa pulled off over the last week, is a win on another level though…

Our live casino tables are the jewel in the crown: live emissions from real casinos all over the world, and you can actually take part with the click of a button! Never has the casino experience been so tangible from the comfort of your home as it is here. Why would you fly halfway around the world to play at a famous casino when you can do it right here at

Jellisa asked herself that very question, and just started playing at our live casino tables. Over the last week, she managed to rack up some sizable wins, and she managed to leave the tables with €19,650. Among her most incredible wins, we find a live roulette table win where she walked away with €12,190. What a thrill it must’ve been to see that little white ball land on your selection to win such a fortune!

If you want to know how that thrill feels, you can try it yourself for free: every new player gets a welcome bonus of €5 for subscribing, and a 100% first deposit bonus of up to €500. The next time the roulette ball falls, it could be right on your lucky number!

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