Casino Winners November 19: mounirelmabrour4 wins thousands on 200,000 Jackpot Jester!


Sometimes we have a winning streak that is so remarkable that we just can’t ignore it. Over the last week, mounirelmabrour4’s incredible string of lucky sessions on 200,000 Jackpot Jester surely marked the luckiest in our player’s life. He made thousands of euros on the popular slot game!

200,000 Jackpot Jester is a modern slot game that’s built to look like an authentic casino slot machine. Let this realistic casino experience amaze you with its level of detail! From the controls that work just as you’d expect to work on a physical machine to the lights going off all around to alert you of your big wins: it’s close to the next best thing to a real casino visit, straight from the comfort of your home.

As the title suggests, the game really has a jackpot of 200,000 coins on offer! To get that insane win, you have to get 9 jesters in the super game. Lesser numbers of jesters already pay out fascinating wins. Our player mounirelmabrour4 found the appeal of this unique mix of enticing graphics and enormous prizes, and set out to make some money.

By last Sunday, he had succeeded – and how! Looking back of his last week of 200,000 Jackpot Jester sessions, we see that mounirelmabrour4 had several sessions that ended with him having many thousands of euros more than before. He had no less than 3 different sessions with a 5 digit win!

The big prize of 200,000 coins could fall at any time for any player, so why don’t you go try it out for free? If you haven’t registered before, now’s your chance, as you’ll get €5 to try it for free. When you deposit, we’ll even give you up to €500 thanks to our first deposit bonus GP500!

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