Challenge yourself one last Golden December weekend!


We’ve arrived onto our last Golden December weekend. Thank you for participating in our Golden December race! Your efforts did not go unnoticed: by now, you’ve surely got your eyes on one of the magnificent prizes in our €25,000 prize pool.

It may be the last weekend, but from next Monday until next Thursday, you have still more challenging ways to earn your Golden December points. In this article, we will delve deeper into the challenges ahead for Saturday and Sunday. Keep earning points for your best result!

Boxing Day football

It’s a tradition in England for football teams to face off on Boxing Day, the day after Christmas. This time around, there are some juicy fixtures to look forward to on Saturday! Even better: you can win those coveted Golden December points by betting on these games. Just place a bet of at least €10 of the type ‘Over/Under’ with odds of at least @1.50 on any of Saturday’s English Premier League games. Is your bet winning? That’s 100 points right there! You can win up to 500 points on this day.

A visit to Nitropolis

On Sunday, we take a trip beyond England, to the futuristic streets of Nitropolis. This cartoon city is inhabited by some strange creatures! This challenge revolves around the tournament version of ELK Studio’s tournament game of the day, Nitropolis. The rules are simple: just launch the tournament version of Nitropolis, try to get as much points as possible in the tournament environment, and we will reward the entire top 50 when the day’s done. First place is worth a whopping 500 points here!

Only 4 Golden December days left after the weekend!

Although it’s nearing its end, Golden December is not over just yet! Beyond the weekend, we still have 4 days left: that’s 4 challenges and 4 chances to increase your position on the leaderboard. This is your time for a last effort to get a better place than your fellow players! We will unveil the last four challenges on our Golden December page. Check the ranking and decide your next move: there’s always a better prize in our €25,000 prize pool to aim for. Read the terms and conditions for more details!

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