Dice game tips and tricks


Strategic dice games can be a welcome change from slot games, where all is decided in a single spin. But how can you play them to your advantage? Make this type of games a regular part of your gaming diet now, thanks to our tips and tricks!

Compare games

Strategic dice games come in many flavours: 3 slots, 4 slots, low stakes, high stakes… It’s important to set your mind to the game type you’ll be playing, as the game flow can vary greatly. Some games, such as Bank Robbers, are even available in both 3 slot and 4 slot versions, so try out those to get a feel of the difference.

Plan your approach

Check the paytables to see which symbol combination gives which prize – not just before you start playing, but also when you’ve already placed several dice columns. Maybe you’ve got your mind set on a certain combination, while a more rewarding combination is available at the same time. There’s strategy involved here, so strategise!

Know your game

Read the in-game help file: there’s invaluable information about the game here! It’s not just about how the game functions. How many mystery games can you win in the bonus game? Are there any jackpots, and if so, are they fixed or variable? The more you know about how the game works, the better you are equipped to win.

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