Dice game winners February 4: thousands made in winning Infinity Dice sessions!


Infinity Dice proves its popularity once more! We took a look at our winning players over the previous 7 days, and we found that our two best players both made a lot of money on our most popular strategic dice game. Our players managed winning sessions for a grand total of almost 30K!

Infinity Dice has quickly become a staple at goldenpalace.be, ever since its arrival in our dice game selection just over a year ago. With its clear and vivid gameplay and attractive bonus game, it managed to become a fan favourite quite quickly. What’s not to love about a game that has so many mystery games to hand out?

Our first player of the week to massively benefit of Infinity Dice, is the inimitable timmy111. After some earlier appearances among our winners, this long-time player once again had Lady Luck on his side. Amongst other notable wins was a session win of a whopping €19,000! That must’ve really made timmy111’s weekend!

Another player that saw Infinity Dice make his weekend, is DANCIUGRIGORE. This player also had his winning streak on our most popular strategic dice game. In one lucky session, DANCIUGRIGORE made €10,847.50! Of course, mystery games where any payout win is worth the maximum for the chosen stake, were instrumental in making his week a winning one.

If you want to follow in their footsteps, you can try for free! Just registered if you haven’t already, and afterwards we’ll give you a €5 free welcome bonus! For your first deposit, too, we have a generous present ready: any first deposit will receive 100% of this amount, up to €500, thanks to bonus code GP500!

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