Dice game winners January 28: dice game classics for the win!


A new week brings us plenty of winners once more who made a lot of cash on our dice games! Diamond Double Wheel and Infinity Dice are the proof that our offer has the potential for huge wins. Read on to find out what makes these games so special, and how much our players managed to win on them!

First and foremost, we find player Fabrice1972, who made a smashing €12,397.55 on Infinity Dice! Instrumental in his gigantic winning spree was a single session where he made €9,025 in one go. Infinity Dice allows this through its generosity when it comes to mystery games, where any spin with 100 points or more (the minimum winning score) pays out the maximum for your stake.

Our second winner of the week made thousands of euros on another evergreen at goldenpalace.be: Diamond Double Wheel! Its simple yet elegant style have attracted players since our early days, and winner melpis must have really mastered this game, as she’s been playing at goldenpalace.be for many years. Looking at her sessions on Diamond Double Wheel this last week, we find that she made a single session win of €10,700. Nice!

Finishing in a commendable third place, we have McKriox, whose single session win of €9,400 came close to the winner before him. McKriox made his lucky break of almost 10K on the same game as our first winner: Infinity Dice. It’s no wonder that Infinity Dice is so popular with our dice game players, when the wins are so regular and so impressive!

If you feel like giving our dice game offer a shot, we’ll give you the opportunity to do so for free! If you’re new to goldenpalace.be, you can enjoy a welcome bonus of €5. Your first deposit can also be 100% rewarding: use the bonus code GP500 to automatically receive up to €500 extra on top of your deposited amount!

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