Dice game winners March 11: blackjack tables bring MclarenHonda thousands!


The casino table game offer at goldenpalace.be can draw in any fan of the genre. In these games, you’ll easily find the excitement of a true casino game, without the pressure of having to make a choice fast. Want to really make the most of your table game strategy? Casino table games are where it’s at! MclarenHonda sure knows that after his winning week…

On goldenpalace.be, we have plenty of casino poker, roulette and blackjack table games on offer. This highly popular destination for casino fans looking to sharpen their strategies and techniques or casual players looking for a gentle pace that still allows the biggest wins imaginable. That’s what MclarenHonda did with his sessions on BlackJack Atlantic City Multi-Hand.

Over the course of last week, our lucky player managed to rack up winning sessions that regularly ran into the thousands. Let’s take a look! In one lucky session earlier last week, MclarenHonda made €4,004 – but that was just the start. Our player then followed up this big win with another session where he made another €4,147.50 before leaving the table.

He didn’t stop there. Keeping luck on this side through multiple sessions, he made yet another set of big wins, with €4,935 and even €5,768. All that money, all on BlackJack Atlantic City Multi-Hand! Blackjack seems simple enough on the surface, but we’re sure that MclarenHonda took his time to master the game. With plenty of luck, he managed to make his big break!

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