Dice Game Winners March 25: Jero77 wins 27K on Spirit Sisters


It took a few weeks, but after a short absence, our most popular dice game Infinity Dice returned to our winners’ report in a huge way by bringing numerous players enormous wins. But there’s no way to predict the game that will stand out over the following week…

Checking the records of last week shows us that not usual suspect Infinity Dice, but the more immersive strategic dice game Spirit Sisters was the big name in our community of dice game fanatics. Spirit Sisters drops the player in the middle of an epic battle: humanity is fighting its last stand against an alien threat… Just about when all seems lost, two heroines appear, wielding the power to fight back against the evil. Join forces with the Spirit sisters and win for humanity!

Ever since the game was launched, plenty of players have answered the call, but foremost amongst last week’s winners was Jero77, who made no less than €27,795 in a single session! When you realise that Spirit Sisters has up to 30 mystery spins where you can win the maximum prize for your chosen stake if you score at least 100 points, then of course winning almost 30K seems highly plausible! Congratulations with your lucky win, Jero77!

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