Dice game winners March 4: Blackjack and Soccer Wheel bring the win!


In goldenpalace.be’s extensive selections of online dice games, there are plenty of games for all kinds of players. There are loads and loads of dice slots to pick from, and plenty of strategic dice games, and even some casino table games! We found two true fans of the dice game genre, who had winning sessions for a combined amount in winnings that rose to more than 20K!

First off, we have our player bogbug1, a very recent player at goldenpalace.be, who made a net total close to 10K, all in his first week in our online casino! This new player made his skill at the blackjack table pay off: amongst his many winning sessions, we find lucky streaks where he left the table with €1,900, €3,300 and even €6,275! That’s a wonderful way to start playing at goldenpalace.be, won’t you say?

Our second player to shine a light on this week, is Jokerman666. This player chose strategic dice games to make his big break, and Soccer Wheel in particular seemed to bring him luck. The soccer-themed strategic dice game by provider Airdice was all he needed for a big end of the week. Some of his most notable sessions made him €2,131, €2,319 and €4,620. Surely Jokerman666 won’t forget this last weekend any time soon!

What would you say: feel like getting a taste of such luck too? We’ll offer you a chance to try it for free, thanks to our €5 welcome bonus upon registration. Come on in if you haven’t yet, we also have a 100% first deposit bonus on offer for when you decide to take advantage of our full range of games and promotions. There could be no less than €500 to be had this way!

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