Discover Infinity Reels now!


As a fan of our slot game selection, you surely have your favourites. Some of them may have 3 reels, others may have 6 or even more. But what would happen to your possible wins if there was no limit to the number of reels you can get? The Infinity Reels feature answers that question!

Today, we will be exploring this amazing feature by zooming in on our first 2 Infinity Reels games: Gods of Gold and Book of Ultimate Infinity. Try them out now and see how many reels you can get: the more reels that the game adds, the more money you can win!

Infinity Reels

Infinity Reels is, like the buy bonus feature, a relatively novel concept in casino gaming. It’s as simple as it is brilliant. You start out with a modest number of reels, and if you get a winning combination, the game adds another reel, followed by a free respin. Yet another win? That’s yet another reel added! This can virtually go on into infinity, potentially giving you… Infinity Reels!

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Gods of Gold

In Gods of Gold, 4 mystical deities guard the gold you’re going for. Can they help you in your quest for riches? In Gods of Gold, the Infinity Reels feature is called InfiniReels, but the concept is the same: every single spin win adds another reel of 3 symbols. These reels can always contain scatters that will trigger 10 Win Spins. You can also expect wilds, and Multi-Slam, which can randomly add 2 reels at once!

Gods of Gold Infinireels
Book of Ultimate Infinity

Book of Ultimate Infinity

Welcome to Egypt at the height of the pharao’s empire! In Book of Ultimate Infinity, you start out with 3 reels of 4 symbols, but thanks to the Infinity Reels feature, you can get more reels for increasing wins. Every additional reel will have a increasing win multiplier. The bonus scatter book is randomly added to appear on one of the additional reels you can unlock. Can you open the Book of Ultimate Infinity?

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