Discover & Win on 5 Treasures by Scientific Games


Did you have fun in our Discover & Win contests on Rainbow Riches and G.R.O.W. these past seven days? You’ve no doubt earned yourself a head start in Golden Points, so that special gift in our VIP Shop can’t be too far off! If you need more Golden Points still, we’re there for you.

In the third contest in our Discover & Win: Scientific Games action, we travel to China. If you’ve played Endless Treasures by Scientific Games before, you’ll be charmed by 5 Treasures. Chinese fortune comes at you from all sides, with a dash of Golden Points on top, courtesy of Golden Palace!

5 Treasures

Endless Treasures has been a popular slot game by Scientific Games for years. Now, our generous provider offers you the next step through Golden Palace. 5 Treasures features the same symbols and gameplay elements as its predecessor Endless Treasures, with some key improvements. That’s even beyond the graphic update, bringing this Golden Palace classic by Scientific Games into 2021!

5 different bonus modes to choose from

Can you find the right doors to treasure? Spin the reels and see if you can get 3 or more door symbols. This will lead you to the bonus round with free spins! The biggest improvement that 5 Treasures offers over Endless Treasures, is found here., as you get to choose from one of five different free spin modes. If you’re ready for luck, you can also prepare for a jackpot that can fall during any of your spins.

Take advantage of Discover & Win!

If you’ve made some money and Golden Points for yourself in our Discover & Win contest 1 on Rainbow Riches and contest 2 on G.R.O.W., then you probably already know how to make the most of these two weeks of focus on Scientific Games. That’s right: simply give 5 Treasures a spin and you’ll receive 200 Golden Points. The best player from March 24 until March 27 is rewarded with 15,000 Golden Points!

Don’t forget that you can also make more of your activity at thanks to our renewed loyalty system.

5 treasures

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