What you need to know about Tedesco, Belgium’s new head coach

8 February 2023

Hot news in Belgium: Domenico Tedesco is the new national coach of the Belgian national football team. Whether the 37-year-old German Italian will succeed in turning the Devils into world champions is of course the key question, although we will have to be patient to find out the answer. Fortunately, there is already something to tell about the new ‘leader of the pack’…

Domenico Tedesco

Photo: © LeonieHorky/Witters Sport /Photo News

Two months ago, we had to say goodbye to Roberto Martinez. Initially, the Spaniard gave quite some hope for our national team, but unfortunately, results that really matter did not materialise. So exit Martinez and enter Domenico Tedesco, who is quite a few years younger than the previous head coach. Tedesco's contract runs until after the 2024 European Championship, when Belgium will hopefully break through.

Who is Domenico Tedesco?

Domenico Tedesco Leipzig

Photo: © TimGroothuis/Witters Sport /Photo News

You can't exactly call Tedesco a big name, or at least in our region. He is not a former professional footballer who enjoyed a lot of fame, but an ex-amateur player who fortunately understands management, statistics and - very important - tactics in football. Incidentally, the world speaks of a "laptop coach", the new generation so to speak.

Our new national coach, who can only prove himself for Belgium for the first time in two months' time, has already coached a few well-known clubs, including FC Schalke, Spartak Moscow and RB Leipzig. At the latter German club, he had to step down after disappointing results in the course of his second season, which undoubtedly left him with a sour taste in his mouth as the previous year he led the team not only to fourth place in the Bundesliga and the semi-finals of UEFA's Europa League, but also to a win in the German Cup.

A fun fact to conclude this article: Tedesco is the Italian word for... German.