Earn extra points on Ghosts and Graves for Halloween!

28 October 2021

Airdice’s spooky strategic dice game Ghosts and Graves is an even bigger hit during the Halloween period than the rest of the year. Why? Because that’s when the Pumpkin Ghost makes its return, granting extra points to all players!

Ghosts and Graves at a glance

  • 4-box dice game
  • Volatility: 2/5
  • 5 pay lines
  • Desktop and mobile
  • Bonus symbol: chained “?” symbol 
  • Mystery Games and more
  • Bet range: €0.25 - €25
  • Spooky atmosphere

Goal of the game

The goal of Ghosts and Graves is to form horizontal and diagonal lines with identical symbols in as many of the four game boxes as possible. This scores you points, which are worth prizes. You need a minimum of 100 points to win, with higher scores worth higher prizes.

The return of the Pumpkin Ghost - until November 15!

A popular strategy to reach the minimum winning score is to have 40 points in one box and 20 points in two other boxes. Scoring points in three boxes gives you a 1.5 point multiplier, so this will earn you 80 x 1.5 = 120 points. Getting a line with a value of 40 points can be a little tricky, however.

This doesn’t have to be a problem during the Halloween period, as the Pumpkin Ghost will regularly make an appearance to give you 20 extra points! Thanks to these bonus points, even a 3 x 20 score can turn into a prize. When you don’t need the Pumpkin Ghost’s help to reach a winning score, it can also ensure you win a higher prize!

Bonus game

When you make a line with three chained question mark symbols, the bonus game will start and 24 closed coffins will appear. You then choose which coffins to open, with each coffin hiding a prize. The first prize you uncover three times is the one you keep. Apart from hefty points boosters, some coffins are also hiding 2 to 5 Mystery Games. During these games, the prize table transforms to give you 100 times your bet for any winning score!

Blood meter

Every wager you make will add points to the game’s blood meter. When the blood meter is full, you will earn a random amount of extra points! The points in your blood meter are shared across all bet levels, but the higher your bet, the more points it needs to fill up.

High stake bonuses

Ghosts and Graves is rewarding at every bet level, but even more so at high stakes! You can occasionally win a free spin when betting at €10 or €15 and this chance doubles when playing at a stake of €20 or higher.

Ghosts and Graves