Enjoy new jackpot games by Novomatic

23 November 2022

Enjoy new games by Novomatic | Jackpot games | Online casino | Golden Palace | goldenpalace.be

Novomatic is one of Golden Palace’s foremost providers of online casino games that have that classic casino vibe. It’s no surprise, really: Novomatic also has a substantial presence in our gaming halls, through famous slot machines like the Book of Ra series. Now, Novomatic brings a brand-new batch of jackpot games to our dice game segment. Discover them now and hunt the jackpot!

Brand-new games

Jackpot fans will be delighted with these new releases at Golden Palace’s dice game offer. These games will feel novel while at the same time still retaining an air of familiarity. This will make them easy to pick up and get acquainted with. You will find these games in all common varieties: some have many winning lines, others just a few, and you’ll find games with any common number of reels and rows. These upcoming Novomatic hits are just waiting for you to win big, so play to win now!

Hit the jackpot!

These 5 new releases by Novomatic at Golden Palace have more in common besides being upcoming dice game hits by one of our most valued providers. Their main draw? They all share the same jackpot! That means that when players play on one game, it affects the jackpots in the other games too. That’s right, we said jackpots, plural. These 5 games have 1 linked jackpot that increase in size. At the highest jackpot tier, you could win thousands of euros, and like any jackpot, it could fall at any moment… Will you be the lucky player to seize that moment for a spectacular jackpot win?