Enormous bet winner: almost €20,000


Many of you sports bettors are most active during the weekends, when domestic competitions have all the action. Some of you probably won their fair share with sharp bets on the action that this past weekend had to offer.

No one was luckier with their betting activities than Aya2002. With a risky but ultimately very rewarding 9-fold multi bet on Sunday’s football events, our player managed to win a staggering amount of almost €20,000. Learn how this came to be and try to emulate Aya2002’s success now!

Sunday’s football action

This Sunday was an important day in the world’s highest-ranked football competitions. Our very own Belgian Pro League had its final regular-season matchday, and many of open questions were waiting for their answers. The English Premier League and La Liga in Spain also had fascinating encounters that were worthy of smart bets that combine risk and knowledge. That made for plenty of chances to win big!

Aya2002 wagers €196.87…

With so much exciting sports action going on, our player Aya2002 logged on around noon last Sunday, and after some keen decision-making, she settled on a 9-fold multi bet of €196.87. Included in this multi bet were selections on Club Bruges to win and total at least 2.5 goals, and powerhouses Atlético Madrid and Manchester United to win their games against modest opposition. All 9 selections came true!

…and wins €19,999.55!

The average odds of her 9 selection only amounted to a lowly @1.67. Combined in a multi bet, however, these odds of between @1.32 and @2.00 compounded into an astronomic @93.20. If all predictions came true, that would be the multiplier of Aya2002’s €196.87. As only she could foresee, that’s exactly what happened. Together with our accumulator bonus, that meant a payday of almost €20,000.

Bring your bets and beat the best

Over 100 times your stake, resulting in a weekend win of €19,999.55 – who could say no to that? Even if it’d been a smaller wager, it would still have been worth over 100 times that. “What do I have to do for a chance like that?”, you might ask. It’s simple: just register if you hadn’t already, and place your bet on the upcoming sports action. Risk versus reward: create your own multi bet and try to beat Aya2002!

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