Epic baccarat win: loick95 wins over 60K on baccarat!


It’s very popular in Asia, and it’s James Bond’s preferred choice of casino game to boot. Yet, somehow baccarat hasn’t really caught on over here. Still, it’s a fast and simple game that can make any player rich – fast!

One of those players who mastered this fascinating casino card game, is loick95, who made a veritable fortune on our live baccarat tables. His net winning over the last week, made primarily on Dragon Bonus Baccarat, amounted to an epic €61,475! This definitely puts his win high in the hall of records here at goldenpalace.be. Hats off to loick95!

If you haven’t tried baccarat, it’s easy to pick up! All you need to know is that you don’t play the cards yourself, but rather play on the outcome: will the player or the bank win? In Dragon Bonus Baccarat, you can win extra for more convincing wins. Click here to discover all about baccarat.

Fascinated by loick95’s epic win? Register now and get a €5 welcome bonus to try it for free! Thanks to the bonus code GP500, you will get 100% on top of your first deposit, for up to €500 in bonus!

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