Epic streak: Hiadra wins over €25.000 on A While on the Nile!


Apart from big favourites Diamond Double Wheel, Lost Temple and 24K there are more hidden gems with huge win potential. Hiadra’s huge win on “A While on the Nile” proves that it’s definitely worth your while looking through our wide selection of casino games to find the game of your big win. How about €25,000? And speaking of Diamond Double Wheel: its biggest jackpot is back!

A While on the Nile, a fun dice slot game set in the ancient Egypt of the pharaohs, offers the possibility of enormous wins thanks to Superbet option that lets you multiply your wild wins up to 10 times. Our player Hiadra certainly took note of this, and started an epic lucky streak that ended up padding her account with a dizzying amount of more than €25,000! Congratulations, Hiadra!

If you’re a jackpot hunter, you’ll love this next bit of news: Diamond Double Wheel again has €25,000 to win! Early November last year, we had the distinct honour of announcing a winner of our biggest jackpot prize: the €25,000 Diamond Double Wheel bonanza. Now, only a few months later, the jackpot built up completely to its maximum size again. It’s waiting for a lucky player to come along, so what are you waiting for?

If you’re hesitant to play the €25 stake (even though you could win it back 1000 times!), you can always go for a smaller jackpot. The lower stakes of €1.50, €1, €0.50 and €0.25 all offer their own full stake-tied jackpots, so players of all levels can have their chance at a big win here at goldenpalace.be! If you haven’t registered, you can do so now and we’ll give you a €5 welcome bonus after your successful registration!


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