European Super Cup: double your winnings

8 August 2022

In the very last European club football game of the 2021-2022 season, Champions League winner Real Madrid and Europa League winner Eintracht Frankfurt duke it out for European supremacy. Do you have any idea how this thriller will go? If you do, you could win more than ever with that knowledge: we’ll double your winnings on all 1X2 bets on this year’s European Super Cup!

CReal Madrid - Eintracht Frankfurt (Wednesday, August 10, 9 p.m.)

From the Champions League, we find La Liga giant Real Madrid, winner of the final against Liverpool. On the other side of the pitch, Los Blancos will run into Eintracht Frankfurt, the Bundesliga team that, somewhat surprisingly, won the 2021-2022 Europa League against Rangers. This marked the first time in recent history that the Europa League wasn’t won by either a Spanish or English team.

On paper, Real Madrid is the stronger team, and this is reflected in the 1X2 odds too. A bet on Real to win is going @1.48 at the moment. That means that a €10 bet could make €14.80. Meanwhile, a victory for Eintracht is a steep but not insurmountable @6.00 right now. If €60 from a €10 bet sounds good to you, go for it! Finally, a draw (in regulation time) is worth @4.50, or €45 from a €10 bet.


Double your wins on the 1X2 market

With two teams that have proven their worth in Europe up against each other, it’s really anyone’s guess how this will turn out. Or maybe you already have an idea about what the result will be after the 90 minutes of regular play? Then place a bet on the 1X2 market, and if your hunch turns out to be correct, we’ll double your winnings. You can make up to €30 extra thanks to this promotion!