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The King of Fun, our goldenpalace.be mascot, has many tricks up his royal sleeve. Always on the lookout for the greatest games to entertain our gaming community, he now brings you an goldenpalace.be exclusive! Endorphina’s latest slot game Asgardians is released today, and you get to play it exclusively here in your favourite online casino!


Endorphina has been steadily providing some very attractive slot games. With titles such as the Lucky Streak trilogy, Aus Dem Tal and more recently Troll Haven, this provider has a proven popularity in our casino games fanbase. Its latest title is Asgardians, an action-packed slot game that takes the player to Valhalla, the Norse mythological afterlife, to enjoy the blessing of the Viking gods.


Odin, Thor, Loki, and the other deities will welcome you like a true Viking hero in this casino slot game. You’ll be one of the Asgardians in no time! Of course, your trip to Valhalla will be rewarded with a fortune worthy of a fallen warrior. Thanks to its many awesome and challenging features, this casino slot game will surely become a new hit for Endorphina.

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So, what are you waiting for? Try Asgardians now and remember where you played it first! This is the perfect time to register if you hadn’t done so before. Don’t miss out on this goldenpalace.be exclusive! It could very well be you who wins a fortune thanks to the blessings of the Asgardians. This exclusive game is just one of many great advantages for playing in the Kingdom of Fun. Join goldenpalace.be now!


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