Extra Golden Points every day thanks to Golden Drops!


As our Golden Easter contest has entered its second week, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see your account padded with hundreds to possibly thousands of Golden Points. That’s what Golden Easter is all about!

Last week, we explored what to do with your Golden Points. Today, we’ll take a look at another important aspect our spring contest: the Golden Drops. These jackpot-like Golden Points prizes can be yours every day!

Golden Points

By now, you know what our Golden Points are, how you can collect them, the gifts you can give yourself thanks to them and how to use them in practice. Maybe you’ve already claimed a gift for yourself in our VIP Shop? If you haven’t, we can recommend last week’s article to help you get started.

Make the most of Golden Easter and collect as many Golden Points as possible – your gift is within reach! For an overview of the Golden Points to win during Golden Easter, you can visit our Golden Easter page. Will you be among the lucky few to finish all the quests of every week of Golden Easter?

Golden Drops

Every day of our Golden Easter contest, you can compete in missions all across our different platforms. You win Golden Points for every mission that you complete. However, you can win a lot of Golden Points on top of your mission rewards. We’re talking about our generous Golden Drops!

You can make thousands of Golden Points just by playing the mission games, thanks to these daily random Golden Drops. We will monitor all activity on our casino and dice games, and even if you don’t manage to complete the mission, you will still be able to win one of these jackpot-like Golden Drops!

Golden Easter

As mentioned before, Golden Easter is all about our Golden Points. Each of our weekly missions (there are 5 each week across all of our segments), you can make hundreds of Golden Points. The more missions you complete, the higher your winnings in Golden Points can be. On top of that, there’s thousands of Golden Points to win every day thanks to the Golden Drops. Play for your Points now!

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