Ezugi roulette tournament: daily prize pool and all-round prize pool

5 December 2022

Ezugi roulette tournament | Live casino | Online casino | Golden Palace | goldenpalace.be

If you’re a roulette fan, then this tournament is made just for you! From Monday, December 5 (start of day) till Sunday, December 11 (end of day), you can play Ezugi’s roulette tables for thousands of euros in cash prizes. Check out the eligible live roulette table games from Ezugi and the tournament rules now and join the quest for your cash prize. Roulette was rarely this lucrative!

Few games are as synonymous with casinos as roulette. The ticking of the time as you carefully consider where to place your next wager, the rattling of the little ball as it bounces joyfully across the wheel… And of course, the thrill of victory when the ball lands on a spot that you predicted, whether it’s black or red, even or odd, or any more specific prediction. What’s your favourite number from 0 to 36? A wager on a single number could make you rich in a single spin of the roulette wheel!

Prestige Auto Roulette
Roulette Live

As one of the casino world’s most acclaimed providers of live casino gaming services, Ezugi is an important presence in our live casino offer. Thanks to Ezugi, we are currently offering 2 top-notch roulette table games at goldenpalace.be. Prestige Auto Roulette takes you to a live casino environment. Roulette Live is our very own roulette table: simple yet elegant. There’s always a place for you at these tables!

In our Ezugi roulette tournament, you can win cash prizes in two ways. The first is by getting to the prize places in the ranking on a daily basis, the second is through the all-round tournament. To qualify for participation in this tournament, you wager €50 or more in total. To climb in the ranking, you play for points. You will receive 2 points for every time that you wager €10, 3 points of your wager is winning, and 1 point if not. Wagers on black/red or odd/even won’t be considered.

You can get additional points for playing all eligible roulette tables during the tournament (from December 5 till December 11), and also for playing multiple days. 3 days played along the tournament’s conditions will grant you a 3x multiplier. When you play 5 days as the rules prescribe, you’ll get a 5x multiplier. For a multiplier of x10, you can place eligible wagers all 7 days of the tournament. There are thousands of euros to win in this roulette tournament, so go for it now!