F1 season 2020 preview


On Sunday, July 5, the Formula 1 season 2020 finally takes off, albeit with a seriously slimmed-down schedule. The racing sport had to deal with some huge organisational obstacles in the wake of the ongoing worldwide health crisis. However, as of the beginning of July, the situation is deemed safe enough for the Formula 1 season to start – much to the joy of our sports bettors, we’re sure! How will the teams and drivers cope under the circumstances, and can we expect some surprising results?

The races

As it stands now in the much-altered race schedule for 2020, there will be 10 rounds on 8 tracks. Both Austria and Great Britain host 2 rounds in a bid to assure that all teams and cars get enough chances to show themselves. Check out the Formula 1 calendar for 2020 here, and mark your calenders!

Sadly, some popular fixtures as well as some highly anticipated new additions didn’t make the cut. The Netherlands will see its re-entry into the F1 circus on its spectacularly renovated GP in Zandvoort postponed until the 2021 season. Likewise, the first Vietnam GP will not be for this year.

The schedule ahead does pave the way to plenty of opportunities in difficult circumstances. Some national pride is in order, as Belgium’s GP at Spa-Francorchamps is planned to go ahead at the end of August! Other exciting races promise to be those of Spain and Great Britain, especially.

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The teams

As dominating forces of the sport for many years, F1 fans will all highly anticipate the performances by world-famous teams like Mercedes, McLaren, Ferrari and Red Bull. There are some records to be scored here, so solid, consistent performances by the racing cars are paramount if eternal glory is the goal.

At 6 consecutive constructors championship titles each at the moment, Mercedes and Ferrari are tied as most consistent constructors. However, it’s German team Mercedes that has a chance at winning a 7th time this season. Insiders indicate that it’s likely that Mercedes will win, but the race is yet to be run…

Among the also-rans in the rankings, we can expect Renault to be the pick of the litter. If any team will threaten the more well-known constructors, it’s the French outfit, as it finally seems to have designed a car that can compete with the best. Of course, other teams might have tricks up their sleeves too…

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The drivers

It seems like you cannot discuss Formula 1 without mentioning Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes). The Brit is considered to be the greatest driver of his generation, and he has the credentials to back that up too. He has 6 F1 titles at the moment, and needs just one to tie with the legend himself, Michael Schumacher.

Another record that could get shattered is that of total GP wins. Schumacher had 91 in his career, where Hamilton currently has 84. A place in history will be his if he wins at least 8 races this season. With Max Verstappen (Red Bull) and Charles Leclerc (Ferrari), the next generation is ready to beat Hamilton.

Finally, there’s the lone rookie in this year’s F1: Nicholas Latifi (Williams). Entering the Formula 1 circus after graduating as the vice-champion in Formula 2, he could be considered an outside chance at stealing points from the more accomplished drivers. Is the rise of another Formula 1 star at hand?

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